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  • WOD 3/7/24

    4 Rounds- 10x Hollow Rock 20x V Up or Alternating V Up 20x Sit ups 30 sec Side Plank Each Side 400m Run or Row

  • WOD 2/15/24

    4 Rounds- 20x Situps 20x Plank Shoulder Taps 20x Plank DB Pull Through 20x Leg Lift with Hip Lift 400m Run or 500m Row

  • WOD 1/31/24

    6 Rounds- 10x TTB 10x Hand Release Push Ups 20x Plate Sit Ups 300m Run or 400m Row

  • WOD 11/9/23

    10,9,8…1 Jerks Pull ups After Evens:  400m Run or 500m Row After Odds:  25x Sit ups

  • WOD 8/28/23

    In teams of 3 complete the following: 5 Rounds- 400m Run or 500m Row 30x Synchronized Sit ups 30x TTB Work at the same time for Run and Sit ups, divide TTB…

  • WOD 3/28/23

    AMRAP 25 minutes: 10x Pull ups 15x Box Jumps 20x KBS 25x Sit Ups

  • WOD 1/14/23

    50 Thrusters (45/35) 25 Pull ups 50 Sit ups 40 Thrusters 20 Pull ups 40 Sit ups 30Thrusters 15 Pull ups 30 Sit ups 20Thrusters 10 Pull ups 20 Sit ups 10…