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  • WOD 4/27/24

    3 Rounds, Barbell Only: 10x Curls 20x Press 30x Lunges 40x Ceiling Crunch 30x Front Squat 20x Bradford’s Press 10x Curls Rest 90 sec

  • WOD 3/19/24

    Part 1- AMRAP 8 minutes: 4x Front Squat 3x Anyway Shoulder to Overhead 2x Burpees Part 2- 5×5 Front Squat

  • WOD 2/12/24

    AMRAP 30 minutes: 500m 10x DB Press 20x Medball Sit Ups 20x KBS 30x Double Unders (60 singles) 500m 20x Box Step Ups (w/DBs) 20x Alternating V Ups 10x Burpees

  • WOD 1/7/24

    7 Rounds- 10x Sumo Deadlift High Pull 10x Shoulder Press 100m Run or 200m Row

  • WOD 12/19/23

    Part 1:  AMRAP 8 minutes- 8x DB Push Jerk 8x DB Reverse Lunges 8x DB Push Jerk 8x DB Forward Lunges 40x Double Unders or “Fancy” Jumps Part 2:  5×5 Shoulder Press…

  • WOD 11/25/23

    15 Rounds- 3x Push Ups 3x Deadlifts —–Rest 3 minutes—- 10 Rounds- 3x Push Ups 3x Power Clean + Shoulder to Overhead —–Rest 3 minutes—- 5 Rounds- 3x Push Ups 3x Power…

  • WOD 9/28/23

    Part 1:  Press 5×5 Part 2:  4 Rounds- 10x Arnold’s Press 20x Biceps Hammer Curls 20x Alternating Renegade Rows 400m Run or 500m Row