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  • WOD 7/10/24

    AMRAP 20 minutes: 5x Muscle Up 10x Pistol (each leg) 15x DB or KB Floor Press 20x Alternating V Up

  • WOD 4/11/24

    In teams of 2, 1 working at a time: AMRAP 25 minutes- 20x Wallballs 10x Muscle Ups 5x Burpees

  • WOD 3/11/24

    Part 1- AMRAP 10 minutes 3x Muscle Ups Driveway Sprint Part 2: Push Press 10,8,5,5,3,3

  • WOD 3/5/24

    4 Rounds- 400m Run or 500m Row 3x Muscle Ups 15x Jerk

  • WOD 2/6/24

    Part 1:  AMRAP 7 minutes: 40x Double Unders (80 singles) 10x Push Press Part 2:  EMOM 10 Minutes- Odd Minutes- 3x Muscle Ups Even Minutes- Max Driveway Sprints

  • WOD 1/6/24

    AMRAP 20 minutes- 1x Muscle Up 50m Run 2x Muscle Up 100m Run 3x Muscle Up 150m Run Continue increasing reps and distance in the same manner.

  • WOD 12/21/23

    10 Rounds (Not for Time): 4x Front Squat 4x CTB Pull ups or Muscle Ups (see note) 16x Sit Up w/Toe Touch Rest 60 secs between rounds. Note: Odd rds=CTB, Even rds=MU…