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  • WOD 3/20/23

    3 Rounds: 30′ Handstand Walk 30x Box Jumps 800m Run or 1K Row

  • WOD 3/19/23

    Bear Complex

  • WOD 3/18/23

    30 Rounds: 1x Deadlift 3x TTB 5x Box Jump

  • WOD 3/16/23

    10,9,8…1 HSPU After Evens:  30x KBS After Odds:  400m Run or 500m Row

  • WOD 3/15/23

    1600m Run or 2K Row 50x Plate Sit up w/Twist 800m Run or 1K Row 35x Hollow Rocks 400m Run or 500m Row

  • WOD 3/14/23

    21-15-9 Thruster Pull ups Rest 2 minutes and increase load 15-12-9 Thruster CTB Pull ups Rest 2 Minutes and increase load 12-9-6 Thruster Muscle Ups

  • WOD 3/13/23

    Part 1:  OTM 10 mins- 1x Clean Pull, 1x Hang Power Clean, 1x Power Clean Part 2:  AMRAP 8 minutes: 5x Hang Power Clean 7x Push Press 35x Double Unders (70 singles)