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  • WOD 1/9/23

    AMRAP 20 minutes: 30x Double Unders (same count singles) 15x Push Ups 30x Squats 100m Sprint

  • WOD 10/15/22

    AMRAP 25 minutes: 400m Run or 500m Row 3 Rounds of Cindy

  • WOD 10/2/22

    7 Rounds: 5x Pullups 10x Push Jerk (95/65) 15x Box Jumps (24/20) 20x Air Squats

  • WOD 9/24/22

    10 Rounds: 3x Deadlift (225/155) 200m Run or 300m Row 1 Round of Cindy

  • WOD 9/10/22

    In teams of 2, 1 working at a time: 100x DB Thrusters (2×35/2×25) 60x TTB 200x Air Squats 1600m Run or 2K Row

  • WOD 8/7/22

    AMRAP 25 minutes: 40x Double Unders or “Fancy” Jumps(same count singles) 30x Squats 20x Sit Ups 10x Push Ups

  • WOD 4/26/22

    50x Box Jumps —– 20x Squats- 1x Sit ups 19x Squats- 2x Sit ups 18x Squats- 3x Sit Ups Continue until… 1x Squat- 20x Sit Ups —– 50x Box Jumps