Workout of the Day

We post new workouts every day so you can follow along at the gym, from home, or on the road.

WOD 3/29/23

Part 1:  OTM 10- 1x Snatch Pull, 1x Power Snatch, 1x Hang Squat Snatch Part 2:  AMRAP 10-…

WOD 3/28/23

AMRAP 25 minutes: 10x Pull ups 15x Box Jumps 20x KBS 25x Sit Ups

WOD 3/26/23

“Good Ole Grind” AMRAP 15 Minutes: 15x Leg Lifts Driveway Run 15x Medball Sit ups Driveway Run —–…

WOD 3/25/23

EMOM 20 Minutes w/ 2 Dumbbells: 1x Devil’s Press 2x Hang Power Clean and Jerk 3x DB Burpee…

WOD 3/24/23

Friday Fitness Fun

WOD 3/23/23

Part 1:  4 Rounds- 10x Pull ups 20x KBS 30 sec side Plank each side Part 2:  Deadlift…

WOD 3/20/23

3 Rounds: 30′ Handstand Walk 30x Box Jumps 800m Run or 1K Row

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