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  • WOD 6/2/24

    3 Rounds, 1 Minute Each Station: Row/Spin for Calories DB Thrusters Burpees over DBs. TTB Rest

  • WOD 6/1/24

    10 Rounds- 4x Deadlift 3x Hang Power Snatch 2x Overhead Squat —– Rest 3 minutes —– 1600m Run or Row

  • WOD 5/31/24

    Friday Fitness “Fun”

  • WOD 5/30/24

    10,9,8…1 Push Press After Evens:  400m Run or 500m Row After Odds:  100m 2x DB or KB Farmers Carry

  • WOD 5/28/24

    4 Rounds- 10x Power Clean 10x Box Jump Increase load 2 Rounds- 10x Power Cleans 10x Box Jumps Increase Load 1 Round- 10x Power Cleans 10x Box Jump

  • WOD 5/27/24

    The Murph  8:30am

  • WOD 5/25/24

    4 Rounds- 400m Run or Row 20x Deadlift 20x Alternating Renegade Rows