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  • WOD 11/25/23

    15 Rounds- 3x Push Ups 3x Deadlifts —–Rest 3 minutes—- 10 Rounds- 3x Push Ups 3x Power Clean + Shoulder to Overhead —–Rest 3 minutes—- 5 Rounds- 3x Push Ups 3x Power…

  • WOD 11/23/23

    Thanksgiving WOD 8am

  • WOD 11/22/23

    5 Rounds- 20x Back Rack Lunge 10x Bar Facing Burpees 400m Run or 500m Row

  • WOD 11/21/23

    Part 1: 800m Run or 1K Row 40x DB Single Arm Jerk 20x Pull ups Part 2: Jerk 5×3

  • WOD 11/20/23

    3 Rounds- 50x Squats 7x Muscle Up 10x Power Clean

  • WOD 11/18/23

    Closed for CrossFit Level 1 Course

  • WOD 11/17/23

    Friday Fitness “Fun”