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  • WOD 11/16/23

    7 Rounds- 100m Sprint 10x Pull ups 100m Sprint 10x Burpees

  • WOD 11/15/23

    Part 1:  21-15-9 Front Squat 400m Run or 500m Row after each set. Part 2:  Back Squat 5×3

  • WOD 11/14/23

    In teams of 2, 1 working at a time: 500m Overhead Plate Run 150 KBS 50x TTB 150x KBS 500m Overhead Plate Carry

  • WOD 11/13/23

    Every 1:30 for 20 Rounds- 1x Snatch Pull 1x Power Snatch 1x Hang Power Snatch

  • WOD 11/12/23

    AMRAP 20 minutes: 5x Wall Walks 10x Push Ups 15x Hollow Rocks 20x Russian Twist 300m Run or 400m Row

  • WOD 11/11/23


  • WOD 11/10/23

    Friday Fitness “Fun”