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  • WOD 4/1/24

    Part 1- AMRAP 10 minutes: 20x DB Snatch (total) 20x DB Step Ups (total) 100m Run Part 2- Back Squat 5×5

  • WOD 3/31/24

    Closed Happy Easter

  • WOD 3/30/24

    5 Rounds- 400m Run or 500m Row 30x KBS 20x Gorilla Rows 10x Push Ups

  • WOD 3/29/24

    Friday Fitness “Fun”

  • WOD 3/28/24

    10,9,8…1 TTB After Evens: 400m Run or 500m Row After Odds:  20 Box Jumps

  • WOD 3/27/24

    Every 2 Minutes for 10 Rounds- 1x Squat Snatch

  • WOD 3/26/24

    50,40,30,20,10 Sit Ups Double Unders Immediately into: 5 Rounds- 30x Squats 300m Run or 400m Row