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  • WOD 2/11/24

    Part 1- AMRAP 20 minutes (Teams of 2): 100m KB Farmers Carry 200m Run or 300m Row 30x Goblet Squats Part 2- OTM 10 minutes- 2x Single Arm DB Hang Squat Clean…

  • WOD 8/7/23

    Part 1:  OTM 10 min- 3x Power Clean Part 2:  21-15-9 DB Hang Power Clean and Jerk Dips

  • WOD 6/19/23

    In teams of 2, complete: 3 Rounds- 800m Run or 1K Row (together) 30x DB Hang Squat Cleans (Divide as desired) 30x Synchronized Burpees

  • WOD 3/7/23

    800m Run or 1K Row 20x DB Jerk 20x DB Hang Squat Clean 100x Sit Ups 20x DB Hang Squat Clean 20x DB Jerk 800m Run or 1K Row

  • WOD 2/21/22

    AMRAP 20 minutes: 5x DB Hang Power Clean (30/20) 10x DB Push Press (same) 15x DB Renegade Row (each side, same) 20x DB Floor Press (same) 25x Box Jump (24/20)

  • WOD 9/26/21

    100m Run 100x Lateral Plate Jumps (3″) 100m Run 30x DB Hang Power Clean (50/35) 100m Run 3 minute Plank Hold 100m Run 30x DB Front Rack Lunges 100m Run 100m DB…

  • WOD 1/4/21

    Part 1:  Push Press 5×5 Part 2:  2 Rounds: 500m Run or Row (1K Spin) 20x Alternating DB Hang Power Clean & Jerk (35/25) 30x Tire Jumps