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  • WOD 12/10/23

    Part 1:  5 Sets- 12x Bench Press 12x Bench Dips Part 2:  AMRAP 15 minutes- 10x Push Ups 15x Iso Ab to Plank 20x Plank Shoulder Taps 200m Run or 300m Row…

  • WOD 11/6/23

    Part 1:  5 Rounds- 10x Renagade Rows w/Push Up 20x Plank DB Pull Through 10x No Push Up Burpee Part 2:  Bench Press 5×5

  • WOD 10/12/23

    PART 1:  Bench Press 5×5 (Progressive) PART 2:  800m Run or 1K Row 50x Thrusters

  • WOD 9/17/23

    500m Run or Row 30x Bench Press or Floor Press 1000m Run or Row 20x Bench Press or Floor Press 2000m Run or Row 10x Bench Press or Floor Press

  • WOD 1/26/15

    Part 1:  Spend 15 mins building up to 3RM Bench Press Part 2:  8 Rounds- 5-10 Ring Rows Rest 20 sec 5-10 Ring Dips Rest 20 sec

  • WOD 12/8/14

    Bench Press Build up to a 3RM WOD:  6 Rounds (1 min each) 10x Push Press 10x Pull ups max rep WB Rest 1 minute after each round

  • WOD 7/6/14

    “Coffey” 800m Run 50 Back Squats/50 Bench Press (135/95) 800m Run 35 Back Squats/35 Bench Press 800m Run 20 Back Squats/20 Bench Press 800m Run 1 Muscle Up