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  • WOD 9/18/21

    “Jackie” 1000m Row 50x Thrusters (45/35) 30x Pull ups

  • WOD 3/1/21

    15x Thrusters (105/75) 200m Run or 300m Row 20x Thrusters (95/65) 400m Run or 500m Row 30x Thrusters (65/45) 800m Run or 1K Row

  • WOD 1/24/21

    4 Rounds: 800m Run or 1K Row 20x Thrusters (95/65)

  • WOD 4/26/20

    (With Equipment) 3 Rounds: 15x Power Snatch (95/65) 15x Thrusters (same) 800m Run or Row (Without Equipment) 3 Rounds: 15x Odd Object Snatch Right 15x Odd Object Snatch Left 15x Odd Object…

  • WOD 1/25/20

    10,9,8…1 Thrusters (95/65) After Evens:  300m Run/400m Row After Odds:  10x TTB

  • WOD 8/29/19

    In teams of 2, 1 working at a time: 50x Pull ups 1600m Run or 2K Row or 4K Spin 42x Thrusters (95/65) 1600m Run or 2K Row or 4K Spin 42x…

  • WOD 6/18/19

    The Grind 7 Rounds: 7x HSPU 7x Thrusters (115/80) 7x TTB DW Sandbag Carry (45/25) 7x Burpee 7x KBS (70/44) 7x Pull ups