New Year’s Parade Run

CrossFit Monrovia New Year’s Runners!


For the fifth year in a row we will be running the Rose Parade Route just prior to the the parade on Tuesday New Years Day.  This is a great way to start your new year, millions of people cheering you on as you run 5 miles down Colorado Blvd.  Wear orange and represent the Lab (wear layers as it is pretty cold early in the morning).


Meet in one of two locations, depending on where you are coming from and what your plans after the run are.  


If you live to the East of Pasadena, or don’t want to deal with some potential parking issues in Pasadena, then meet on the Metro Gold Line train platform at Sierra Madre Villa Station by 6:00am.  Park in the Metro Parking Garage, we will finish our run near there and stop for Starbucks across the street from the parking garage afterward.


If you live to the West of Pasadena, or are taking the train from South Pasadena then meet on W. Del Mar Blvd and S. St. John Ave. (where Del Mar crosses over the freeway) near to the outhouses at 6:30am.  Anyone running late or lost call Lauren, 626-487-3581.


From there anyone who wants to, can walk over to Orange Grove Blvd. to view the floats.  They are all on display prior to the start of the parade and you can see them up close.  If you really can’t get going that early or simply are not interested in the floats we will re-group between 7:30am and 7:45am at Del Mar Blvd. and St. John Ave. at the outhouses.


The walking group will need to hit the road by 7:30am, the runners will leave at 7:50am.  Keep an eye out for the jets to overfly some time near 8:00am.  The route is a bit over 5 miles. If you get tired or don’t want to run the whole thing, there are a few Gold Line Stations along the way: Arroyo Parkway, Lake Ave., and Allen Ave. you can walk from the parade route and take the train back to Sierra Madre Villa Station.  These stations will always be towards the mountains from the parade route and are only about a quarter mile away from Colorado.


The runners will take about an hour to finish, figure on making it to the Starbucks at Foothill Blvd. and Madre (next to the Best Buy) by 9:00am.  The walkers should get there by 10:00am.  The easiest way there is to follow the parade route all the way down Colorado Blvd. till it turns to the North on Sierra Madre Blvd.  About 1/4 mile after this turn you will come to Foothill Blvd., turn right and walk about 1/2 mile to the Best Buy and Starbucks.  The Metro Station is across the street.


Please let us know if you are coming!  Click here-> Yes I’m running the Parade route



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