We have an active CrossFit Kids program geared for kids ages 6-12, that focuses on pairing fitness with fun.  Classes are 1-hour and led by one or more of our Kids certified trainers and consists of a group warm-up, learning the skill of the day, and the Kids Workout. After the Workout, kids can climb, jump, hang, swing, and explore the gym or play a game.

The Kids Workout is tailored to each kid based on their experience, physical ability, and developmental needs. We emphasize good movement (mechanics) above all else. Consistent good movement leads to improved coordination, balance, and kinesthetic awareness as well as enhanced sports performance and fewer sports related injuries. There is also a growing body of research that indicates regular exercise is beneficial to cognitive functions and personal wellbeing. This means that consistent exercise can have a positive impact on your kid’s academic achievement.

Also, what could be more fun than a family working out together? We offer a family class, 9:00am on Saturdays.

For more information feel free to contact Kate Hunt, Co-owner.
Kate Hunt
[email protected]

kids swinging on rings